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Technical Project Management for busy executives who want to

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Get the attention you deserve. Put my 23 years of experience to work in your organization. It's like getting a year end bonus month after month!

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Corner a market with new tech, increase market share in mature industries, migrate to new enterprise technology, roll out upgrades, or simply save money and increase profits!

Project Assessments for only $265 in the Coffeyville and SEK area!

I come to your business with fresh eyes and fresh ideas to troubleshoot your problems and provide a fast and friendly solution. If you decide you don't want to go ahead with the project, the flat fee for the service call is only $265. If you do want me to fix the problem, I will stay on as a W-2 employee or we can work business to business (10-99). My skills and experience will keep you coming back to me time and time again. I want to be your project management resource for life.

Your business needs YOU to do what you do best. Let me handle the project specific stuff. I will work as hard and as smart as I can to help save you money and get your teams working together. My prices are fair, my contract simple, my services efficient.

ACTIVATE your Project PROfessional today.

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