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I have many satisfied clients and references. Read what some of them have to say about my services and going the extra mile. You can also click on my LinkedIn profile below and see skill endorsements from others in my network.

"David and I have worked together and have been friends for 30 years. He is well-rounded, knowledgeable, dependable and will excel at anything he chooses to do." - Tallis L., Cushman & Wakefield, St. Louis, MO


"I wanted to thank you for taking care of us this winter. You did an excellent job. It was nice to have someone I could depend on. I would like to continue our contract next year." Jamie D., Coffeyille Family Practice Clinic, P.A., Coffeyville, KS


"Thanks for all your help and support. Thanks for the mouse, works like a champ. By the way, thanks again for the gifts for the boys...they really enjoy playing with their legos...the books will be nice after they get the whole English thing down." - Brian W., Skateworld, Branson, MO


"Thanks for everything!" - Judy, N., Coffeyville, KS


"Thank you once again and God bless you and yours." - Shirley F., Tulsa, Oklahoma


"Thanks so very much for the discount - I really appreciate it. This is a very "hard on my pocketbook" month!" - Marilyn, R., Coffeyville, KS


"Thanks for all you do - love you. You're doing a great job!" - Lynn B., Chiropractic Arts, Coffeyville, KS.


"David has a good relationship with people. His dependability, sense of responsibility and friendliness is well known.... Thanks for sharing your gifts with us! Thanks for fixing the office door... you are my hero!" - Pastor M., First Presbyterian Church, Coffeyville, KS.


"Thank you, David, for the extra time spent w/ clean up after the Easter Brunch. You are special!" - Judith E., Coffeyville, KS


"Thanks for all the little jobs you do for us. It's so nice to have a strong guy to do all those things we can't do anymore. We appreciate you." - Joan S., Coffeyville, KS


This poem was written for me by a resident where I did some work.

A Tribute to David

If you want a description of David
I can tell you some things about him.
He is a quick and very hard worker.
And keeps himself so fit and so trim
There's hardly nothing around here he can't do.
He's just an all around very good guy.
He keeps busy from morning to evening
As from my large window I spy.

When the job he'll be doing is mowing,
And he's going to be working outside,
He does a lot of wise preparation
Before he gets on the mower to ride.
He ties a sweatband around his forehead,
Puts on a straw hat for his head and eyes,
I've even seen him put in earplugs
Which I think is healthful and wise.

He learns each of the resident's names
And is always so happy and cheerful.
We can use a lot of that around here
To keep us from feeling so tearful.

He is always whistling while he works
How he gets it all done is a surprise.
Please don't think I'm acting like a young chick
But he is also not bad on the eyes.

God bless the workers like David
And I know there are lots of them here.
There is so much sadness in a place like this
And we are all grateful for all his good cheer.

- Harriett, resident, Asbury Village Retirement Facility

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